Terms and Conditions of Service

Thank you for using our products and services (“Services”). By using our Services, you are agreed to the Terms & Condition below. Please read them carefully.

“User” means the customer which use Ezicargo.com services.
“Ezicargo” means the Ezicargo.com teams and staffs.
By registering here with Ezicargo and creating your own “Ezicargo Code & Account”, you can access to various services that are offered by Ezicargo without having to register again for each service separately. If a service you wish to subscribe to, has additional terms and conditions, you will be asked to accept those separately. Once registered with Ezicargo, there will be no refunds.
Please read carefully before agreeing with our terms and conditions. Your account will be active for the period of 12 month starting from the date of activation, user are required to renew their account at each circle of 12 month.
The prices, quantities and delivery time stated in any quotation are not binding on the Company. They are commercial estimates only which the Company will make reasonable efforts to achieve. Knowledge that time delays do rarely occur’s.
Package size will calculate based on size if package is too big with less weight. (Volume Metric Calculation). Packages with lightweight but huge in size will be calculated based on dimension ( volumetric ) weight cost.
Sensitive product will be separated shipment if in big volume. Example user created shipment of 10 carton sensitive product, Ezicargo will shipout 2 to 3 carton each day only.
Delay might occur if there is inspection at customs. If the parcel being inspected by either country customs, shipment period might delay.
Note! if goods/products mentioned in ezicargo web system are different from actual goods in parcel might cause of goods/products being seized by customs.
Any illegal product such as firepower will be brought to justice. Ezicargo lawyers will not hesitate to summon user on court if illegal goods has been transported.
Goods will be delivered to the address mentioned by customer. Parcel/Carton will be delivered to the address which user registered with Ezicargo.
Note! 1 Ezicargo code is only valid to 1 address, to change an address please click on contact button and leave us a message, it can only be done 3 times each circle of account renewal.
1 parcel cannot be more than 20kg. Each parcel/carton maximum weight is 20kg, if an parcel/carton is more then 20kg, example of 40kg Ezicargo team will unpack and repack with each parcel/carton 20kg. ( extra charges might occur )
Water based product is prohibited. Any water based products example such as INK, LIQUID, PERFIUM, DRINKING WATER, CHEMICALS etc, is prohibited.
Sensitive Item + Normal Item = Sensitive Price. If user merge sensitive with normal items, the cost calculation will be charged all as sensitive cost.
Do not Merge Sensitive and Normal Item. Ezicargo advice user’s not to merge sensitive and normal items to save the freight cost.
Create parcel with normal but sensitive item. Creating a normal item parcel with sensitive item in it will be auto charged as sensitive by Ezicargo without the approval of user. delay might occur in this matter.
Air Freight 4 - 5 days + 2 days if delay occurs, maximum not more then 30 days.
Sea freight 14 - 21 days + 10 days if delay occurs, maximum not more then 90 days.
All payment has to be done before shipment from China.
User are required to make payment first before shipping out their shipments.
Price might change from time to time but will update user at once.
Once the parcel has been shipped out, there are no options for cancellation.
Every shipment created by user must have complete product descriptions in full details.
Price included tax and transportation.
Air freight will be delivered till your door step.
Sea freight will be delivered only ground floor.
Please take note that Ezicargo does not provide manpower for heavy parcels/cartons to be lifted above ground floor.
Minimum delivery is 1kg and Maximum delivery is unlimited.
Subsequent KG is calculated base on 1.0KG.
Weight calculated at our warehouse might differ from seller/supplier.
Note! Each parcel/carton maximum weight is 20kg, if an parcel/carton KG is more than 20kg, example of 40kg Ezicargo team will unpack and repack with each parcel/carton 20kg. ( Extra charges might occur ).
We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection from loss, damage or destruction of the goods/products or parcels/cartons but However, If the goods/products loss or damage occur in shipment, it is not responsible by us.
Ezicargo will try it best to repack the parcels/cartons to meet the international cargo standard to protect the goods/products as much as possible. ( Extra charges might occur ).
If user goods is lost within our warehouse, full amount will be compensated. If goods is lost in shipments, the maximum compensation is RM 100.00 only. Please take note that Ezicargo is no responsible for goods lost value more then RM 1000.00 at any point.
Repackaging and reorganizing will occur extra charges by Ezicargo, but however user can proceed shipments without requesting for repackaging or reorganizing services. no extra cost will be charged.
User account/membership will be suspended for 3days if the user failed to follow the terms and conditions applied by Ezicargo to click on REFUND button at any China E-com websites.
User understood the terms & conditions of Ezicargo, by going against Ezicargo or refuse to follow the instructions and creating shipments of illegal products. will cause the account being terminated by Ezicargo.
You will keep your Ezicargo code safe, and won’t share them with anyone.
You will not pass yourself off as someone else or create multiple, false accounts.