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purchase Purchase products from any China's ecommerce website, Wechat app or any platforms or even you can buy directly from physical store in China. NEXT PURCHASE deliver Provide the sellers with our warehouse address in China as your shipping address. You'll be notify with our system once your parcel arrived at our warehouse. NEXT DELIVER manage Manage your parcels using our system for shipment. At this point we will calculate the price for the shipment based on either physical weight or volume metric after you create the shipment. NEXT MANAGE ship After you made shipment payment, we ship your parcels to your destination in Malaysia. BRAVO! AGAIN SHIP HOW IT WORKS IN A NUT SHELL Slide Services OUR WAREHOUSE We provide free storage for your parcels up to 30 days before you decide to make a shipment. Storage Slide Services OUR WAREHOUSE You can request inspection to your parcel to just to make sure everything is fine according you purchased from your supplier. Inspection Slide services OUR WAREHOUSE As your request through our system, we can repacking your parcels so you can reduce shipment price if your shipment is calculated using volume metric. Repacking Slide services OUR WAREHOUSE Either we ship your parcels by air or sea, your parcels will arrive at your designation location. No worries, we do not need you to pickup at airport or seaport Shipping Slide Start Shopping and Shipping From China Today! REGISTER Slide FACEBOOK Established since 2017 - 2020 Ezicargo RICH Sdn. Bhd. Terms and Conditions Data Protection